Activities in the Puget Sound region are endless. The long lazy days of summer stretch as far as the imagination, and when winter rolls around we remember we live in rainy Seattle ;)

Click on our Recommended Places map below to see our list of favorite museums, parks, activities, etc within driving distance from the Seattle area. We've personally visited every place on this map, but if we missed something, email us! The listing details are updated frequently. If you don't see a place on these maps, it's because we haven't been there or don't recommend it (a sad truth, but it happens). Ask us questions!

The second map showcases some of the Recommended Travel Tips we've come across during our travels. These are places we've personally visited and the tour groups and organizations we've used.


• These are a few of our favorite things •

local organizations

Mary Wayte Mercer Island Pool

West Seattle Junior Bowling League

Amy Yee Tennis Center

South Sound Nature School

Wilderness Awareness School

Youth Theater Northwest


Our favorite curriculum-connected movies are on our IMDb list

online resources

Trello – online to-do lists

Hoffman Academy – piano

Math Antics – math videos

Splash Learn – math lessons

Mystery Science – science lessons

Generation Genius – science lessons

Brain Child – science lessons

Read Theory – comprehension

CNN10 – news briefs

PBS News Quiz – weekly news

Typing Club – typing lessons

Hour of Code – beginning coding

Big History Project – history lessons

Kids Discover – interactive history

History Link – WA state history

Home Science Tools – lab kits

Middle School Chemistry - lesson plans - kid-friendly sex ed